Friday, June 25, 2010

We need you!

L.A.M Magazine is a new magazine focusing on the modeling community! We will be releasing monthly issues dedicated to all you gorgeous models!

We will be hosting polls for the up coming issues – including this one! So come and check it out and vote for your favorites!

We do plan to have this up on when the magazine is complete. We also will have some interactive pages for our viewers!

We need help with some of the following categories:

Best dressed
- Show us your best dressed moments! We need 4-6.

Worst Dressed
- Show us your worst dressed moments! We need 4-6.

Hot guy of the month
- That's right show us your hot guy and he may be chosen to be our Hot guy of the month! We'll need a short bio, include his hometown, age, name, and his hobbies.

Competition coverage
- This is very similar to advertising, except for this one we would like to to pick one or two to do an interview about the competition.

Winner's circle
- Have you won a competition recently? Let us know!

Model's you've never heard of, but should!
- Do you feel that your model is worth knowing? Well post a picture with name, age, hometown, and a short one or two sentence that shows something interesting or a witty quip about your model!

- Got something that's trendy or should be? Let us know!

- We'll be advertising competitions and anything else you think might be worth advertising, send us a unique photo and description to help you advertise!

Modeling photos
- photos you think would be a great addition to our magazine!

When submitting please be specific what category you are submitting for.
You may post your photos on our forums post, or email them. 


If for some reason you are unable to provide a picture of a model please have your model available for download and if you prefer a certain style of clothing please specify. If you are unable to provide a photo for an advertisement we can create one for you. Just let us know what you would like. Please be specific.

We are also looking for another talented member to add to our small team!
You can email us at with some examples of your work and why you feel you would make a trustworthy and dedicated member to our team!

If there is anything else you would like to see in the magazine, please let us know! This is after all about all of us! Questions, comments, or suggestions you can post here or feel free to email us anytime and one of us will get back to you.

L.A.M Magazine

We are a new magazine dedicated to the TS3 Modeling community.